Taking the love of Christ into all the world by being the salt and light of the gospel.

Mediterranean Rim Initiative - Athens, Greece

There are over 21 Million people who have fled their home countries in the last 2 years. Over 10 Million of these Refugees have entered Greece. The world has called this The Refugee Crisis, however, this is a Kingdom opportunity for God's people to reach one of the worlds largest unreached people groups that have seemed impenetrable for the past 1400 years.

Over the last 1400 years, the Muslim world has been essentially unreachable. Christianity is forbidden in many countries and these countries have intense social and family pressure to adhere to Islam. However, God is moving in a mighty way among the Muslim world. From 600-1900 AD (1300 yrs) 2 movements of only 100 or more churches were planted and only 1,000 or more people were baptized. From 1900-2000 (100 yrs) there were 11 movements. From 2000-2018 (18 yrs) there have been at least 69 movements.

Who would have dreamed that out of the last 1400 years God would choose right now as the time for His Kingdom to ignite and burn like a mighty wildfire through the Muslim world? 4 of 7 Muslims entering Europe report visions or dreams of Jesus before reaching Europe. Radical Islam, terrorism, and immigration are all crises, but God is using them to help desperate people know Jesus. Many few this as a crisis, but we see this as a Kingdom opportunity for God to bring one of the largest unreached people groups in the world to Himself.



Reach Out Honduras

Reach Out Honduras serves the most vulnerable in the remote La Mosquitia region of Honduras through Discipleship, Education and Sustainable Solutions. MORE THAN ALL ELSE, we desire that God is made known through all that serve through this organization.

The Moskito people are warm, vibrant, and full of God-given strength. The Gospel has been shared in this region and there are many growing Christians. However, the region of La Mosquitia is isolated and impoverished, leaving many feeling hopeless. May Reach Out Honduras be a light and a reminder of the hope that they have in Jesus.


Apartment Life

Riverside Church supports an Apartment Life team at Chapel Hill Apartments in Lewisville. Apartment Life helps apartment owners care for residents by connecting them in relationships. Apartment Life is a Christ-based, non-profit organization that has been serving the apartment industry since 2000. Their goal is to be salt and light while providing a strong business value to apartment owners. Currently we support our Worship Minister Zach, and his wife Madison. They have been serving the residents of Chapel Hill since March of 2022. This team is known by their community for their generosity and abundant joy. They are people who live all of life in Jesus’s presence and seek to spread His life wherever they go.