Adult Bible Classes

Riverside Church Bible Classes are a great way to meet Riverside Church members and to deepen your understanding of what God has called us to be in Jesus Christ. We invite you to visit one of our adult Bible classes which meet at 9 a.m. on Sunday mornings.

Young Adults Class
Where: Room 200
Who: Young Professionals
Class Leaders: Trent and Elise Pruett

Where: Room 208
Who: Mixed Ages
Class Leaders: William Mitchell

My Sisters and Me
Where: Room 204
Who: Women
Class Leaders: Shawna Wolf, Cheryl Larsen, and Gwen Smith

Compass Class
Where: Room 206
Who: Families With School Age Children/Mixed Ages
Class Leaders: Jason Graves

Where: Room 201
Who: Young Families
Class Leaders: Andrew Stokes, Renae Cates

For more information about Riverside Church Adult Bible Classes, contact Jason Graves at