Something Bigger Capital Campaign

Live Different

At Riverside, we believe we are called to Live Different. For us, that means we want to invite people to come together, invest in each other, and engage in what matters most because of Jesus.

At the heart of that vision for our church is a deep desire to see lives changed by the great love of God revealed in Christ Jesus. From the very beginning the DNA of theRiverside Church has been forward-looking, God-centered, and people-oriented. It was started out of a desire to be a part of Something Bigger, seeing God's kingdom grow in Coppell and north Dallas. Once again, we are uniquely positioned for such a time as this!

For the last 33 years, the Riverside Church has served as a local outpost for theKingdom of God in this community. Members and guests alike gather to worship, to grow as disciples of Jesus, and to go from this place to serve others in His name.Today, the Riverside Church of Christ is once again looking into the future toward SOMETHING BIGGER.

Our Vision

The leadership of Riverside has a heart and a vision to grow the kingdom of God in a dynamic and impactful way. We believe there are three keys to accomplishing this vision:

  1. Becoming a Debt-Free Church
  2. Reaching our Community for Christ
  3. Expanding Missions by Sharing the name and the love of Jesus with the world

To further this goal, this spring, Riverside will be moving forward with a capital gifts campaign that with God’s blessing will raise $2 million over the next 36 months. We believe this is possible with God’s help and because of the uncommon generosity of the Riverside Church.

That said, the primary goal of this campaign is for our church to grow both individually and collectively in our faith in God. We believe this happens when we become fully reliant on God to do what only God can do for us.

Our secondary goal is to raise funds through sacrificial giving that requires us to depend on God. By doing so, we will be set free to do even bigger things for the Kingdom of God in this world!

We believe that God has SOMETHING BIGGER in mind and in-store for Riverside and that we can all make a difference in this world together for His Name as his church in this place!



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Have Questions?

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