Adolphe Konde and Bijoux Furahab

Apartment Life is a Christ-based, non-profit organization that has been serving the apartment industry since 2000. Their goal is to be salt and light while providing a strong business value to apartment owners. We have supported the Apartment Life team for over 4 years.

Currently, Riverside Church supports an Apartment Life coordinator team at Glen Rose Park Apartments in Hurst. Apartment Life helps apartment owners care for residents by connecting them in relationships.

These teams rotate every two to three years and we have recently committed to a new couple for this ministry at Glen Rose Apartments. Adolphe Konde and Bijoux Furahab moved to the United States from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2015. Adolphe is an IT support at Steward Healthcare in Richardson. Bijoux has a degree in Business Management and works part time as a French interpreter for the HEB Independent School System. They have three lovely children, Distinguee-Rose (10), Exploits (8), and Success-James (3). The family loves playing together, jogging, exercising, singing, and worship.

Adolphe and Bijoux have been serving the residents of Glen Rose Park since December of 2018. This team is known by their community for their generosity and abundant joy. They are people who live all of life in Jesus’s presence and seek to spread His life wherever they go. They are quick to take compassionate action and often are able to meet residents needs through connection to local resources and mobilizing the local church to care for the residents of Glen Rose Park. In this COVID season especially they have been an integral part of shining light in darkness and have partnered to donate clothes, offer rent help, as well as multiple food donations to residents.

Please be in prayer for Adolphe and Bijoux and for the opportunity we have through Harvest Sunday to support this incredible ministry.