Student Ministry Vision & Mission

In the Riverside Student Ministry, we are people called to be disciples of Christ, lights in the darkness, and bearers of His Kingdom on earth through loving God and loving others.

Ways By Which We Live Out Our Vision

To Be Disciples:
We believe in partnering with parents and adults of all ages to create intergenerational connections for our students.

To Be Lights In The Darkness:
We believe that to truly shine like Jesus to those around us, we must be present in our schools and campuses as Christ's ambassadors.

To Be Bearers Of His Kingdom:
We believe that we are called to invite and invest in others, and to live in community with each other.

To Love God And Love Others:
We believe that we love God through acts of worship and deepening our understanding of him, but we also love God by loving others through selfless service and having compassion for others.