Seeing Jesus

Jesus wants to open your eyes so you can SEE His face and FOLLOW His lead.

Love Different

Love + Power makes an eternal difference


Build your life on Jesus and your life will stand.

Best Christmas Ever

The Light of Christ available to you is far greater than any darkness that may come against you.

Forgiving God

Your pain has a purpose. Your God is a God who saves.

Lead Like Jesus

When you follow the LEAD of Jesus, you never walk alone.

Welcome to Our House

We are all wonders & we are all welcome in God’s house.


God moves in you so God can move through you to others.

Never Gonna Let Me Down

You can have a visible faith in an invisible God because God will never let you down.

Difference Makers

Stop. Look. Love the person God has put in front of you.

Connected 3D

Be present with the people who are present.

I Have Decided

When we walk through the water we receive a new identity in Christ.

No Rival, No Equal, Forever YOU Reign

Everyone wants to be the king of something. We all want to sit on a throne...We all want the world to revolve around us...We all want to re



Love Came Down

Love Came Down

Your Table is Ready

Your Table is Ready

Next Door

Jesus once said that the greatest commands were to love God & to love your neighbor as yourself. Then, when asked "Who is my neighbor?" by

This Is Us

Who are we? And what does it mean to be a part of the faith family at Riverside?

Live Different


Do Good Be Brave


Just Ask

Learning about prayer from the Psalms.

The Five Love Languages

Jesus once said that the two most important things were that we love God & that we love each other well.


Why are we here? And what does Jesus want the Riverside Church of Christ to be all about?


What is the mission of God? What was Jesus all about and what was He trying to accomplish when He walked the streets?


When we take time to commemorate what God is doing, we set up a milestone, a marker, a point in time, to look back to and remember...


At the very center of this holiday season, for those of us who are followers of Jesus, is a promise.


There’s a simple truth about those of us who call ourselves followers of Jesus. We are a people of uncommon generosity. Why?

Choose To Believe

It’s no secret that there’s much to be worried about these days. It’s a time, where it’s easier to lean into FEAR than it is into FAITH.

The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like...

Jesus often taught us what the Kingdom of Heaven is like, and he did it by telling us stories.


Healthy things grow. We see it in all of nature around us. It’s by God’s design & by Gods desire…and it begs the question, "Are you growing?